ArtWaves / Coast to Coast Events

We are extremely excited to bring directly to you the ArtWaves LIVE Online shows. Join some of the top known artists for fun and personal classes brought right to your home. There are so many benefits to online art classes:
  1. They help maintain a personal connection between students and teachers
  2. Students can attend from anywhere the Internet is available
  3. It also gives plenty of options to stay in touch with the teachers and students before during and after the show through our Private Facebook Group
  4. Lower total cost, no travel, hotel or food expenses
  5. More comfortable learning environment, just get up, make a cup of coffee/tea and you are ready to go to class, no need to get out of your pajamas
  6. More interaction and greater ability to concentrate, we find so many students tell us that they completed the project and it was wonderful to see the teacher and the project up close so they do not miss a step

So what are you waiting for, JOIN us and so many others at the ArtWaves LIVE Online Shows ! !